Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunsets, rainy days and the end of artist block!

What a couple of crazy days around here!

Earlier this week it was 110...didn't want to move, wouldn't go outside, the AC on all day.
Then came some clouds....

Then came the beautiful sunset....

The next day as I was lunching with my new friend Jen, the most amazing thing happened...

Yes! That is rain! In the desert! In May!
For 2 days it was rainy and lovely. There was even thunder.
What a wonder reprieve from the desert heat.
Luckily I have a wonderful little covered patio with a daybed where I can read and enjoy the weather. A little slice of heaven.....

Without the heat to drag me down I was even able to finish a few pieces of jewelry. They are up and about in the Shop.

I also finished the sister painting to King of Spring.
This is Summer Time...
Seashells, and mermaids and clouds of glitter. An excellent way to spend a day at the ocean!
You won't find this darling at the Etsy shop. She may already have a home.
But do not fret! There are still two more seasons to go and an imagination full of other ideas just around the corner!
See you there!

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Romy said...

I love the Robin's Nest Ring on Etsy! Very Lovely!