Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall is the best...

It really is. I just love it.
It is my first Fall in Phoenix, so its a bit different. Still over 100 degrees here. But I can still feel it. There is something in the air. And definitely something in my house.
The decorating has begun, oh yes, I will be going a bit more crazy this year than in years past.
Want to see what I have done so far? of course you do!
There is still so much more to put up and extra touches to add! Lights and candles and banners and whatever else I find on my thrifting and bargain shopping.
So last post I was kinda out of sorts...overwhelmed I guess.
I made a little Etsy purchase to remind myself to keep it together and well, as the most wise Tim Gunn from Project Runway says, make it work.
and this I shall do.
???? what is this?
A Just Because Cake!
yum yum! come on over and have a piece~

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tis the Season

Wow, time really flies when your brain is twirling with too many thoughts.
I am fully engulfed in Craft Faire mania.
Hunting down the cutest vintage pieces, twisting and turning those vintage bits into Blossom Shop orginals. Do I have enough inventory? Will people love them? Will they have to have them?
How will I display everything? What else do I need to bring with me?
Thank goodness for the internet! has a great article about how to prep for one. I will be taking her advice!
I am excited and unsure and hopeful and overwhelmed all at once.
I guess that's what happens when you try something new.
Luckily I have my great pal Jennifer (Starving Artist Bazaar) to help me figure this all out.
thanks jen :)

Jen and I will be in Prescott, Arizona for Fall Fest...and its coming up soon!
October 11th and 12th.
Please come see us if you are in the area!

I just realized as I am writing out this post that I dont have any pictures of things I wanted to tell you about! So pictures will have to come later :) Use your imagination!

Mom came out to visit for a long weekend earlier this month.
Of course I had a project for her to help me with (don't I always?).
On Sunday we recovered my Thrift Store chair I got ages ago.
That is how it used to look....
and now, POOF!
A beautiful newish chair.
(This is the part where you use your imagination)
Trust me, its cute.

thanks mom!

We also took a little trip to the Phoenix Zoo.
It was so fun! Still a bit hot for me and Sweetie (wimps) but we loved it.
I think my favorite part was the orangutans.
oh! I do have pictures of them ready to go!

awww! so cute!
I think we hung out there the longest to watch them.
ok, I am off to take pictures so you can see what it is I am actually talking about!
Blogs are so much more fun with pictures.
And my list of errands to run keeps getting longer and longer.
I am back in the blogging state of mind, so I will be back soon!
Lots more to talk about :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Holiday Hotness Bazaar!

Just a reminder to add it to your calendars!
Click the pic for more info~
Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Store! A real store!

I am so pleased to announce that Blossom Shop can now be found in a brick and mortar, real life store!
If you are lucky enough to live in or around Phoenix then you can check out some Blossom Shop goodies at MADE Art Boutique in downtown Phoenix right on the corner of Roosevelt and 5th Street.
A big thanks to Cindy Dach at MADE for inviting Blossom Shop into the store.
I am so excited to be there!!
Please check them out and support local handmade goods!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

hey karin, what have you been up to?

well hello there! and thanks for asking!

I feel rejuvinated from the long weekend.
Did furniture shopping, love it!
Got us a new desk for the work room from Cupid's.
The other was the wrong color, the wrong size, the wrong look, the wrong everything...and it broke on Friday night. Hurray!
So now there is a beautiful black desk for me and Sweetie to share.
I also scored some other great bargains!
We stopped in at J & K Furniture to see what they had (very fun selection, just not what we were looking for) and we found they had HOME ACCESSORIES!!! I loves the home accessories!
My favorite "bargain" of the day is this little beauty!

It's a metal cake stand of sorts...but it had a price tag for a consignment store on it and that price was $52...yes, FIFTY-TWO dollars. I had a chuckle, sure its cute, but $52 cute? Not so sure about that. Then I noticed another very plain tag hanging there. I took a peek to see if it said, "haha, you are on candid camera!" or something to that effect...but no, it was another price tag. A simple lovely realistic price tag. A tag that said to me, "Take me home, I am so cute". It said $4...yes, FOUR dollars! MINE! woohoo!

I also picked up some cuties on a log.

Jewelry making is in full swing around here too.
Busy busy time for Blossom Shop.
Look for new pieces on Etsy very soon!
We have shows coming up, an online shop at Lollishops getting ready to open, more Indie craft shops both online and brick and mortar to hope and pray we get in to.
Please continue to spread the word about our darling little Blossom Shop.
We want only the best for her!
LA, Austin and San Francisco...I hope you are getting your shopping lists ready and checking them twice!
I am so excited to come out and see you all at the shows.

The metal and beads are calling me to come play, gotta go!