Monday, December 8, 2008

Lollishops is Open for Business!

I joined a new online market place and it has now opened for business!


Blossom Shop can still be found on Etsy but I will be putting more of the vintage style pieces on Lollishops.

Lollishops does not require buyers to sign up on the site to make purchases!

Paypal is used for payment.

The inventory in my two shops will be different so please check out both to make sure you can find the must need piece you have have been looking for!

Please head on over to Lollishops and check out all the girlie cutsie goodness that is to be had there!

Click here for the girlie goodness!

Happy Shopping!!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bazaar Bizarre SF recap and what a whirlwind month November was!

Well I have been back for a week now just finally feeling like I can make a post.
Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco was a ton of fun!
Non-stop from 10am when the doors opened to 5pm when they had to whisk people out the door.
It was a beautiful San Francisco day and everyone was in great spirits and ready for some holiday shopping.The celebrity spotting for the San Francisco show was Adam Savage from the show Mythbusters.Thanks for supporting handmade Adam!! We love Mythbusters!
And a big huge thank you to my friends that came all the way up to The City to see me. It means so much to me. :)
Was so great to see everybody!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
one more time...whew!
November was absolutely crazy!
Here is where it all began...

:Holiday Hotness:
Fun drive from Phoenix to Los Angeles. Thanks to our wonderful hosts for letting us stay at their home in Santa Monica.
We had yummy sushi, tapas and Dim Sum that weekend.

There were even dinosaurs to stop and say hello to!
The next weekend sweetie and I went up to Prescott for a long weekend. It was lovely!
Even the drive started out fun!
A beautiful sunset....
A silvery, glowy moon...

A stop for gas in the middle of no where...

The house we rented was so cute!

We kept the home fires burning.....

and really had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.
Can't wait to go up again!

:Birthday Time!!:

There were balloons and cake and tacos and good friends!

Hope you had a happy Birthday Sweetie :)


I know you are saying WOW~! what a busy month you had...oh but wait, there is more!



I have no pictures to visually tempt you with but believe was quite a day.

Boxes and stairs and heavy furniture and U Haul and neighbors....oh my!

There was even a King size mattress heaved over the balcony of the loft!

(I really wish we had video of that!)

Thanks much to Andy and Richie and Bob and Rich and Max and Debbie and Marcus and Jeremy! You all are the best!!!!!



What an adventure that was!

Lots of cooks in the kitchen and about 20 people to feed.

But I would not have changed anything for the world.


And that brings us back to Bazaar Bizarre SF.

wow, what a wonderful fun filled month that was.

I am looking forward to seeing what December brings!