Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Mad Hatter Tea Party

Come on in.
Now that you are here, the party can begin.
I have been planning and prepping all night
to make sure everything is just right.

But before we eat
we need to make sure our look is complete.
Something old, something new?
Something borrowed, something true.
Look inside the drawer to find
the perfect jewel, I don't mind!

Does your finger need a ring?
Something that makes you giggle and sing!

Now that your look is full of sass,
Check yourself out in the looking glass.
(Be sure to fall in!)

Now its time, let's begin!

Something to eat? Something to drink?
It's best to start with tea, I think!

Mmmmm, that's good! So very very good.
Let's follow it up with some tasty food.

Tomatoes on toast?

Fruit so ripe?

Let's start with cake!
It's more my type.

I am so glad that you were here!
You were such a great guest, such a dear!

No need to rush out,
stay as long as you care.
We are here all day with lots of good times to share!

Before you go, leave a note, something sweet for certain.
Then you might be the winner of this little token.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A lovely Circus Wedding

oh my!
The long awaited wedding has finally come.
My baby brother and his darling bride.

It was nothing short of magical and amazing,
just like the couple.

Much love and happiness to them!
Feast your eyes on this!