Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy Bee

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~buzz buzz~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I have been a busy little bee!
thank you!

There is an Etsy Blossom Shop update going on now!

More pieces are coming...just need to get some batteries for camera! :)


I have also been coerced into joining Facebook....

It is so addicting!

I have really enjoyed catching up with so many people I have seen or spoken to in years! And its only been one weekend so I know more old friends will be popping up soon.

So if you aren't on there yet...I highly suggest it.


The pile of unpacked boxes seems to be getting a little smaller in the spare bedroom.

I got rid of so many things before we moved and then we had a garage sale after we moved and now I am finding more things that need to go....sheesh!

Hopefully one day I will be left with a more manageable collection of treasures!


Sweetie and I had a really nice dinner with one of his old coworkers last night.

Best ribs I have ever!

Thank you so much Regina and Dillon!


ok, back to the shop update and making more pieces!

have a great day!


Friday, January 16, 2009

All Dolled Up - A Lollishops Party

Hey bloggers, shoppers and partiers!
Lollishops is having a Grand Opening/Valentine's Day party!

It all starts February 14th on Chelsea Ann's Blog - Itty Bitty Birdie.

Here's the info:

Lolli Friends: You're invited to our Progressive Blog Party!

Visit Chelsea Ann's Itty Bitty Birdie blog on February 14th and visit all the participating blogs for your chance to win some fabulous Door Prizes! (the links will be provided!)

Each Blog Party will have an item from their LolliShop hidden in their Party Photos.

You will find each vendor's item and comment "I found it" in that vendor's comments for a chance to win a prize from that vendor! If your comment is chosen, you will be asked to name the item you found to win your Door Prize.

Don't forget to visit the LolliShop blog for your chance to win a ginormous Gift basket filled with all sorts of fabulous creations!


So much to get ready for!

A party to plan, pictures to take and gift to prepare!

Hope to see you all there!



Wednesday, January 14, 2009


While continuing to get my ducks in a row (see last post) I realized I have a few mini collections of things. Sometimes one of something is enough for me...other times its not.
I am sure many of us are like that.
I got to thinking about what kinds of things make other people get that bug to start collecting them.
And once we have that collection, what do we do with them?
And why, after a while, do we not need our collections any more?


my collection of prints, mostly purchased from Indie artists on Etsy and from craft faires I have been in.


my collection of mini things. Mini shoes, mini elves (from Vanessa Valencia at A Fanciful Twist), mini anythings!


my collection of crown pins. I never wear them, but I love to look at them.

What do you collect?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome 2009!!!!

Happy New Year to you all!
I hope you all had a lovely holiday.
It was all quite lovely here.
Time with friends and family was just what Sweetie and I needed to get recharged and ready for the new year.
This year begins with getting my ducks in a row.
We moved to a new house just before the holidays and I can't find a thing!
I am looking forward to a new year of new designs and ideas for Blossom Shop.
Thank you to all of you who helped support Blossom Shop in 2008.
2009 is going to be even better!!
The Etsy shop is still going strong.
Check this shop for the majority of my designs.
Lollishops is ramping up for its grand opening.
Check this shop for more vintage style pieces.
Blossom Shop can still be found at MADE in downtown Phoenix.
Hopefully there will be some new pieces there soon!
The First Friday in February Blossom Shop and Starving Artist Bazaar will be together again!
Come visit us at First Friday downtown Phoenix Friday, February 6th after 6pm.
More info to come as it gets closer!
I took forward to an exciting year!
I hope you are ready too!