Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy Bee

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~buzz buzz~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I have been a busy little bee!
thank you!

There is an Etsy Blossom Shop update going on now!

More pieces are coming...just need to get some batteries for camera! :)


I have also been coerced into joining Facebook....

It is so addicting!

I have really enjoyed catching up with so many people I have seen or spoken to in years! And its only been one weekend so I know more old friends will be popping up soon.

So if you aren't on there yet...I highly suggest it.


The pile of unpacked boxes seems to be getting a little smaller in the spare bedroom.

I got rid of so many things before we moved and then we had a garage sale after we moved and now I am finding more things that need to go....sheesh!

Hopefully one day I will be left with a more manageable collection of treasures!


Sweetie and I had a really nice dinner with one of his old coworkers last night.

Best ribs I have ever!

Thank you so much Regina and Dillon!


ok, back to the shop update and making more pieces!

have a great day!


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