Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day Trippin'

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday was such a fun day! Jen and I took a little day trip to Tucson.

There are some really great mountains between Phoenix and Tucson, some really pretty scenery...but since I was driving like a bat out of hell through the desert I figured I better leave both hands on the steering wheel and not try to take any pictures along the way.
Safety first!

Oh, but once we got to our destination (thanks to Andy McDrive the Scotsman GPS) the camera came out!
Our first stop was for some lunch.
We chose the Hotel Congress, it was great!

We ate at The Cup Cafe.

You have to check out the pictures of the floor on their website.

The lighting over the bar was pretty cool too!

After we had our fill it was on to 4th Avenue for a little boutique and thrift shopping!

Lots of funky clothing shops and tattoo places and bars.
Reminded me a lot of Haight Street in SF....a toned down mini version of it...It's Mini-Me.

We followed a lovely row of painted columns.....

hello birdies!

And ended up here!

Great thrift store!
I come home with a few goodies.
More glass jars for my collection.

And ideas for some bracelets and a new kind of canvas for my!

We needed a break from the heat so we hopped back into the car...ahhhh, A/C....and headed off for Broadway (not the one in NY) to see some shops recommended by Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist.

So eclectic, so fun, so much personality! Just like Miss Vanessa herself!

Our first stop was Picante!, such a fun shop.

I came home with a lovely box of matches and some paper garland.

Next door was Yikes!, a great toy store.

Everything from gag gifts to books to candy and cards and yes, toys!

I came home with some fun postcards.

Our next stop was Bohemia.

A great shop that features artists from the area.
Everything from jewelry, to furniture, to clothes, to purses, to paintings....everything!
Great place!

Our last stop was Bon...oh, Bon, how I love thee.

I could seriously spend all day there.
Such a pretty shop.

I blogged about this shop back in May when I made my birthday trip down to Tucson to get my crown.
This time I got to share the experience with Jen, she loved it too.

I came home with some things for a lovely lady back in California who has a birthday coming up in August and a set of Fortune Telling cards for myself!

What a great day, we saw so much and had such a great time.
Who wants to come next trip???

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Holiday Hotness!

Its not too early to start thinking about gifts for Christmas!
And of course a few things for yourself :)

You know you can always find me at the Etsy Shop...but sometimes it's fun to shop in person...and even come say hello to me!

So......get ready Los Angeles, here I come!

I will be participating in the Holiday Hotness Bazaar!

Come see me Saturday, November 8th, 2008 as we kick off the holiday season at the 1st annual Holiday Hotness Bazaar. The hours are from 11 am - 7 pm at the GAM Art Center, located in the heart of Los Angeles.
Please let all your SoCal friends and family know about this.
If you are in LA or will be visiting down there please let me know and come see me!
I will be making lots of new goodies for the bazaar.
Maybe even some that are bazaar exclusives...hmmmm, you might wanna be there for that!
See you there!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New stuff in the Shop!

Hi All!
New necklaces and bracelets and earrings in the Etsy Shop today.
Check them out!
(edit: just put up a new canvas too!)

We had a sneaky night-time visitor on our wall by the front door last night.

Kinda cute? Maybe?
More to come later!

Monday, July 21, 2008

What did you forget you love?

I read Romy's latest post at Pixie Paper Arts this morning and she answered that very question...
10 things that she forgot she loved!
I wondered to myself...what are 10 things that I forgot I took some thinking but here they are (and don't forget to tell me yours!)
1~ the smell of crayons
2~the smell of the air after a good rain
3~mom's meatloaf (i made some with her recipe last night!)
4~the sound of waves crashing (i did not forget this one, i just miss it so much!)
5~dusk (such a magical time of day!)
6~children singing (i used to teach preschool so i heard it all the its only once in a while...but it just came from the other room and made me smile)
7~candlelight (i need to light them more often)
8~getting my back scratched (ok, i did not forget this one either but I think it is my most favorite thing in the whole wide world)
9~cold soda out of glass bottles (its been a while since I had one of those!)
10~warm socks out of the dryer
Thanks for the inspiration Romy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

it's here! it's here!

Tonight is the season premier of Project Runway!
Its my obession, I just love it!
The drama, drama, drama, drama, drama........
Will there be anyone more dramatic than last season's Christian?
He is so fierce!
Will there be cheesier designs than the female wrestlers?
How could there be?
Guess we will find out tonight!

Monday, July 14, 2008

has it really been a week already????

whoa does time does fly!
Its been a particulary busy time around here, all fun things though!
so let's do some catching up!
I finally finished the canvas for my friend Debbie's birthday!
She has it now so I can share it will all of you.
I tried to think of something she longs for....she longs for the beach.
Its hard to be a California girl in the middle of the me, I know.
So here is her beach~

Happy Birthday Debbie!
Monday I met Jen downtown for a little lunch.
We were surprised to be lunching with the Governor of Arizona...ok, so not WITH her but she was 2 tables away!
We ate at My Florist Cafe, it was very yummy~
The atmosphere was light and airy and the ice tea was to die for! A very lovely lunch indeed!
After lunch the antique shop across the street called to could I resist???

I picked up an old type set drawer...6 Caslon Italic 137 to be exact!
So much easier to have all my collage goodies in this drawer than in separate containers on my studio shelves.

Its just about filled up many good things!
Summer is monsoon season in the desert.
We got a great downpour on Thursday of last week and the rest of the week and weekend its been teasing me with beautiful grey clouds and the wind whipping.

I have taken so many pictures of clouds in the last week :)
I am addicted! I just love it.
Last night we got a little downpour and the drops landing on the patio stone were bigger than silver dollars...I was sad that I did not have my camera handy to show you, they were quite amazing!
There were two adorable little munchkins running around the house last week.

We had tons of fun watering the living impaired plants in the backyard and coloring and playing with the dollhouse...and even coming in and out of the house through Skippy's doggie-door.

Its most fun to be the auntie!
Paper Mache Doll Update!
I know a few of you are waiting for this, so here she is:

The hair is no where near done yet...but at least it is on her head and her horrible bald spot is covered up.
I think I am going to try curling the hair a bit before I set it to bake.
She also needs some clothes...but I will get there!
Sweetie took me to the antique shops on Saturday. I am looking for a shabby chic hutch for my luck.

So I brought home a pirate ship instead!

ok, so its not really a pirate ship, its the Santa Maria...but I think I will make some minor changes and we can all pretend its the pirates.

Something so magical and Peter Pan-ish about this picture.
I just wish it was in focus!
I will try again tonight :)
I put fairy lights up all over the studio.
I love the glow.
wow ok, enough for now~
are you seeing cross-eyed?
can you focus?
do you need a nap?
I have some errands to run...
I have even more fun things to show you but they are not quite ready.
Now you understand why I have not been here for a week...I have been running myself ragged!
(i tease, i love it all!)
I'll be back soon!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sushi Saturday

yum yum yum...I have been wanting to go for so long and this weekend we finally did!

we had other goodies too but they were so good we ate them up before I remembered to take pictures!

I am attempting my first sewing project this week, thanks to Wee Wonderfuls!
Still finishing up lots of other projects too.....I can't believe I started another one.
My paper mache doll has shoes painted....slowly but surely getting there!
I also have a secret canvas that is just about done...I can blog about it later this week :)
Don't ya just love surprises????
off to run errands another fun monday things!
see you soon!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another place to find Blossom Shop

Blossom Shop is branching out a bit from just being on Etsy.
I have listed a few things on a site called Big Cartel. I have been hearing a bit of a buzz about it....thought I would check it out!
Click above to see for yourself!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fairy Names!!!

My fairy is called Hex Goblintree
She is a bringer of riches and wealth.
She lives in places hexed and tainted by black magic.
She is only seen when the first leaves fall from the trees.
She wears black feathers and rose petals. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.

Sounds like she is definitely up to no good to me!

find yours at

thanks so much to 101 Fairy Lane for posting this fun website!

catch up time~

wow! a few good things happening around to get you caught up.
I made bread! first time ever! not from a mix, not in one of those crazy looking machines...but all by myself.

It was delicious!


I took some pictures...
there was a pretty big wildfire in the area last week and the smoke mixed with the clouds moving in and a sunset made for a beautiful sky...

I bought the cutest chair from the thrift shop to remake!

I have ordered so many new beads and jewelry goodies, I really need to sit down for a marathon jewelry designing session....
but I am on the 5th Harry Potter book right now and its just getting so good I can't put it down!
I will try to find time to do a bit of both, I promise.
There are also so many half finished projects in this house. Luckily there is a 3 day weekend coming up and it will just be too darn hot to leave the house.
well gosh, now I am thinking about all the fun stuff I have to do around here! I think I am off to go do some of it!
I will check in later!