Wednesday, July 2, 2008

catch up time~

wow! a few good things happening around to get you caught up.
I made bread! first time ever! not from a mix, not in one of those crazy looking machines...but all by myself.

It was delicious!


I took some pictures...
there was a pretty big wildfire in the area last week and the smoke mixed with the clouds moving in and a sunset made for a beautiful sky...

I bought the cutest chair from the thrift shop to remake!

I have ordered so many new beads and jewelry goodies, I really need to sit down for a marathon jewelry designing session....
but I am on the 5th Harry Potter book right now and its just getting so good I can't put it down!
I will try to find time to do a bit of both, I promise.
There are also so many half finished projects in this house. Luckily there is a 3 day weekend coming up and it will just be too darn hot to leave the house.
well gosh, now I am thinking about all the fun stuff I have to do around here! I think I am off to go do some of it!
I will check in later!