Monday, July 14, 2008

has it really been a week already????

whoa does time does fly!
Its been a particulary busy time around here, all fun things though!
so let's do some catching up!
I finally finished the canvas for my friend Debbie's birthday!
She has it now so I can share it will all of you.
I tried to think of something she longs for....she longs for the beach.
Its hard to be a California girl in the middle of the me, I know.
So here is her beach~

Happy Birthday Debbie!
Monday I met Jen downtown for a little lunch.
We were surprised to be lunching with the Governor of Arizona...ok, so not WITH her but she was 2 tables away!
We ate at My Florist Cafe, it was very yummy~
The atmosphere was light and airy and the ice tea was to die for! A very lovely lunch indeed!
After lunch the antique shop across the street called to could I resist???

I picked up an old type set drawer...6 Caslon Italic 137 to be exact!
So much easier to have all my collage goodies in this drawer than in separate containers on my studio shelves.

Its just about filled up many good things!
Summer is monsoon season in the desert.
We got a great downpour on Thursday of last week and the rest of the week and weekend its been teasing me with beautiful grey clouds and the wind whipping.

I have taken so many pictures of clouds in the last week :)
I am addicted! I just love it.
Last night we got a little downpour and the drops landing on the patio stone were bigger than silver dollars...I was sad that I did not have my camera handy to show you, they were quite amazing!
There were two adorable little munchkins running around the house last week.

We had tons of fun watering the living impaired plants in the backyard and coloring and playing with the dollhouse...and even coming in and out of the house through Skippy's doggie-door.

Its most fun to be the auntie!
Paper Mache Doll Update!
I know a few of you are waiting for this, so here she is:

The hair is no where near done yet...but at least it is on her head and her horrible bald spot is covered up.
I think I am going to try curling the hair a bit before I set it to bake.
She also needs some clothes...but I will get there!
Sweetie took me to the antique shops on Saturday. I am looking for a shabby chic hutch for my luck.

So I brought home a pirate ship instead!

ok, so its not really a pirate ship, its the Santa Maria...but I think I will make some minor changes and we can all pretend its the pirates.

Something so magical and Peter Pan-ish about this picture.
I just wish it was in focus!
I will try again tonight :)
I put fairy lights up all over the studio.
I love the glow.
wow ok, enough for now~
are you seeing cross-eyed?
can you focus?
do you need a nap?
I have some errands to run...
I have even more fun things to show you but they are not quite ready.
Now you understand why I have not been here for a week...I have been running myself ragged!
(i tease, i love it all!)
I'll be back soon!


Joy said...

The clouds are beautiful, We have them here, too. Your pm doll is sooo cute. I like the hair, as is!

Rowan Willow said...

Those pictures of the clouds are amazing, we've been getting a lot of rain lately for the desert. I live out in Surprise Az., howdy neighbor. I do so love your pirate vignette, I wanna shrink myself and play away the day. Looks magical!

Take care,
Rowan WIllow
aka Tiffany

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