Monday, July 21, 2008

What did you forget you love?

I read Romy's latest post at Pixie Paper Arts this morning and she answered that very question...
10 things that she forgot she loved!
I wondered to myself...what are 10 things that I forgot I took some thinking but here they are (and don't forget to tell me yours!)
1~ the smell of crayons
2~the smell of the air after a good rain
3~mom's meatloaf (i made some with her recipe last night!)
4~the sound of waves crashing (i did not forget this one, i just miss it so much!)
5~dusk (such a magical time of day!)
6~children singing (i used to teach preschool so i heard it all the its only once in a while...but it just came from the other room and made me smile)
7~candlelight (i need to light them more often)
8~getting my back scratched (ok, i did not forget this one either but I think it is my most favorite thing in the whole wide world)
9~cold soda out of glass bottles (its been a while since I had one of those!)
10~warm socks out of the dryer
Thanks for the inspiration Romy!