Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What ya been up to?

Hi Friends!
Its time to catch you up on what's been going on.
Lots of good stuff!

~~~~Craft shows galore!~~~~
After Cowtown Indie in Fort Worth we went to
Indie Genius Bazaar in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas.
It was HOT and windy but we survived and had a fantastic time.
Met some wonderful people as well!
Ky and Pat of Book-Inz, Lindsay of House of Introspection, and Kelly of The Olive Stitch.
Please visit their sites!

Then it was down to Austin for Shop Crafty.
Austin is always a good time and it was great to visit with
friends from shows past!
Anne Marie, Lianne from Lizziebeesthings, and Pommes Frites.
Check them out too!

Most recently we were at Lakewoodstock here in Dallas.
What a perfect day to be outside meeting all the Lakewood neighbors!

Skippy loved Lakewoodstock too!

~Coming up we will be in Denton for the Etsy Denton show.~
Click the pic above for more info.
Please come see Blossom Shop!

Sweetie and I have also been up to some fun non-Blossom Shop things!
We went down to Waxahachie (say that 3 times fast!) for the Scarborough Renaissance Festival.
Wow was that fun!

We saw the monster museum.
OgresA live Chess Match
We ate Steak on a Stake.We had a great time!

~~~~~~I also celebrated my 40th birthday!~~~~~~

I got 2 birthday dinners!
The first was on the night of my birthday.
We spent a great evening with Ky and Pat at Babe's Chicken House.

yes, that is Sweetie with a chicken on his head.
I did not want to mess up my tiara.

That weekend we had another fun night out at Tillman's Road House.

I highly recommend the mojito for those readers over 21.
The lovely ladies!
Our gentlemen companions...
What a great birthday!
Thank to all my wonderful friends and my amazing husband.

more to catch you up on later!