Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time to catch up!

hi Friends!

Its time to catch you up on the last month.
Whew! Its been busy and wonderful and full of adventure.

First of all, bye bye Arizona, Hello! Texas.

Sweetie and I are here in Austin now and loving every minute of it.
Lots and lots of green everywhere you look. Rain! Wonderfully nice people.
Wildlife! So many place to see and explore. BBQ!

Our trip to Austin was pretty smooth.
Drove ALL day through some pretty sights but mostly just dirt.

This sign made us happy, but it was only the half way point on our journey.

We did see a big ol' dust devil thingie.
I don't know what its called but it looked cool.

And then the clouds came in and gave us a nice bath.

And then the sun went down and there went my picture taking...
But this fine sign was a sight for the weary travelers...
We were almost there!!

And as you can see, we took out a few bugs on the way.

Our first meal out as Texas residents was of course BBQ. And we treated ourselves to County Line. Yum Yum!

It was a gorgeous evening for a rest on the patio before dinner.

The view...amazing.

The decor... so fun!

The food was pretty darn good too!
I guess we were so hungry I never got a chance to take a picture of it!

We even got a chance to spend some time in Fort Worth since we got to Texas.
What a great downtown area!

Some night time views of downtown Fort Worth from the Penthouse of the Worthington Hotel.

What looks like a giant neon butterfly in the building across from us!

Bass Hall....the trumpets stick out!!

A day time view of the courthouse.
We enjoyed Father's Day lunch at Reata.

Lots of great cowboy memorabilia there.
Chaps and saddles and the like.

A few goodies in the downtown area.

Such cute things to see!

These were some things I found interesting on our drive back to Austin...

eek! what the heck???

Oh! a Haunted, ok, I guess that makes sense then.
This one makes me laugh...I did not think those trucks could go that fast and jump that high.


Thanks for checking in on me and seeing what I am up to.
I promise not to be such a stranger!
I already have more post ideas rattling around in my brain.

Lots of new things are on their way to Blossom Shop on Etsy.
I have been working away over here!

Hope you are all well.

Chat with you soon!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm still here, I promise!!

Hi friends...
so sorry its been so long.
Sweetie and I are getting settled in our new place in Austin, Texas.
We LOVE it here.
Everything is so green and there are flowers everywhere.
And the people are SO friendly, I just love it!
I have stories to tell and pictures to share so please bear with me and I will be back blogging soon.
How are things with you??
Missing you tons!