Wednesday, September 3, 2008

hey karin, what have you been up to?

well hello there! and thanks for asking!

I feel rejuvinated from the long weekend.
Did furniture shopping, love it!
Got us a new desk for the work room from Cupid's.
The other was the wrong color, the wrong size, the wrong look, the wrong everything...and it broke on Friday night. Hurray!
So now there is a beautiful black desk for me and Sweetie to share.
I also scored some other great bargains!
We stopped in at J & K Furniture to see what they had (very fun selection, just not what we were looking for) and we found they had HOME ACCESSORIES!!! I loves the home accessories!
My favorite "bargain" of the day is this little beauty!

It's a metal cake stand of sorts...but it had a price tag for a consignment store on it and that price was $52...yes, FIFTY-TWO dollars. I had a chuckle, sure its cute, but $52 cute? Not so sure about that. Then I noticed another very plain tag hanging there. I took a peek to see if it said, "haha, you are on candid camera!" or something to that effect...but no, it was another price tag. A simple lovely realistic price tag. A tag that said to me, "Take me home, I am so cute". It said $4...yes, FOUR dollars! MINE! woohoo!

I also picked up some cuties on a log.

Jewelry making is in full swing around here too.
Busy busy time for Blossom Shop.
Look for new pieces on Etsy very soon!
We have shows coming up, an online shop at Lollishops getting ready to open, more Indie craft shops both online and brick and mortar to hope and pray we get in to.
Please continue to spread the word about our darling little Blossom Shop.
We want only the best for her!
LA, Austin and San Francisco...I hope you are getting your shopping lists ready and checking them twice!
I am so excited to come out and see you all at the shows.

The metal and beads are calling me to come play, gotta go!

2 comments: said...

Heeelooo! What lovely treasures you picked up!!

And a broken desk leads to a new one, hooooray!!! ;) Yay for making new wonderful things!!! Yummy!

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