Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My little Diva

Today was supposed to be one of those nice, nothing out of the ordinary days.
I had lunch with sweetie and then I was going to send off some packages and run some errands.

Lunch was great and I was on my way to do the mailing and the phone rings.

It's sweetie.

"I found a chick" he says.

"Excuse me, you what?" I was certainly perplexed by what he could mean by this....

"An abandoned baby bird!"

I turned the car around and went back to the parking lot where I left sweetie and he found the "chick".

She (I am assuming, I have no idea what the sex of this bird was, but female works better for this story) was so cute and and little and so chirpy!

Sweetie's coworkers got her in a bowl and I whisked her away.

But now what?

Ah, the Animal Hospital, they will know what to do!

I stopped at the Hopi Animal Hospital and the wonderful staff there gave me the number of a Wild Animal Center and a tiny syringe so I could feed this tiny little thing that kept screaming at me.
So home me and the little one went....she was screaming at me the entire time.
I got her home and fed her some cornmeal mix and water with the syringe..the only time she stopped screaming was when she was eating.
My little Diva....
After she got a little food in her tummy it was time to relax.
Isn't she the cutest???

I gave Liberty Wildlife Rehabilitation a call and they said to bring her on down!
So now my little Diva is safe and sound and will hopefully grow up to be a happy and healthy quail.
What an exciting day it turned out to be!

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Jes said...

Oh my gosh, so adorable! She looks like a baby quail. Did they tell you what she was when you dropped her off? I would have wanted to keep her!!!