Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Here I am! Here I am!

where has the time gone.........?

I have been getting ready for my jewelry sale next week. Making new treasures and getting everything all set up. I am very very excited!
Saturday, May 31st
My house
I hope to see you there!
OH MY!!!
There was some excitement last week. Some very sneakie sweeties in my life gave me a surprise party! I thought I had it all figured out...nope, they got me good!
I came home from what I thought was my surprise (an afternoon at the salon with my dear friend Deb) and my house was full of wonderful people!
There were wonderful homemade enchiladas and a beautiful PINK icecream cake.
I took some pictures that night but they all came out blurry! You will just have to use your imagination....your home full of wonderful friends and wonderful food.
I did receive lots of great presents! I am so spoiled.
Sweet Romy sent me a crown full of handmade and vintage goodies.
Thank you to Emily at The Black Apple for sharing her pattern to make these adorable dolls!

This funny duck just cracks me up!

Momma also sent some goodies but its too dark to get good pictures of them tonight!
But trust me, they are wonderful goodies!
Thanks Mom!
The new business cards are here! The new business cards are here!

Thanks to Zazzle for a great job!!!
I just love these cards. The colors are amazing!
Sometimes a girl just want to be a pirate.
This year I just missed the Swashbuckler's Soiree on Donna O'Brien's blog.

Hopefully she will repeat this amazing event next year...cause I am starting to prep already!
Check this out!

oh yeah....

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