Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cookie Recipe time!!!

yum yum!

Not too long ago I bought some Tessa Thai Tea mix from a chain store to make the yummy Thai Iced Teas at home. I looked on their website and they don't seem to carry it so just "google" or use your favorite search engine to find it near you! You can also try Whole Foods, other health food stores and places like that.
Simple to mix, boil water, make tea, pour over ice and stir in milk. Voila!
To my joy and surprise there was a Thai Coconut Cookie recipe on the box. YES!!! I loves all these things! :)
Quickly! To the mixing bowls!
(crash, pour, stir, crash, stir and done!)
I preheat the oven, rolled the crazy orange colored dough into balls and put them in the oven....They come out perfectly flat and kinda sticky...HINT! let them cool completely on the cookie sheet and then they are easy as pie to lift off with a nice thin spatula.
So delicious!!!!
Good luck finding the tea! It is well worth it!

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Yummmy!! well, maybe if you could squeeze me one through the internet waves :) How fun!