Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Inspiration and Before and Afters

The hot topic on the blog scene lately is Inspiration/Re-fueling.
What makes us sit down at our easels, looms, pottery tables, laptops, etc. and dive in?
I am not sure what makes me do it, but when I am cutting out images or putting paint to canvas or stringing beads and turning wire I just know it feels good. Hours pass by like seconds and suddenly there is a special creation in front of me that I can't wait to share.
I never know what I am going to end with. Even if I start with one idea, the finished prduct is rarely what my mind imagined when I took to the first step.

A few nights ago I had an idea....I put a few things together and it just felt wrong. I set it down for a minute and picked up something else and then said ~ whoa! I know! I went back to my original materials and came up with something different, better, perfect. It just happened...like magic, I guess.
Maybe its that feeling that keeps me coming back.

During my creative flow the other night I kept getting frustrated with myself because I could not find anything. I knew I had what I was looking for but who knows where it could be....the is what I was dealing with:

Don't be fooled.

It looks all nicely contained....it wasn't.

What is in those boxes? I have no idea.

What are all those things stacked up? I have no idea.

If I needed a hole punch, where would I find it? Again, I have no idea.

I took EVERYTHING off the shelves, all of it. I sorted it in to nice piles that made sense to me and started to pack it on the shelves once more.

an arial photo was necessary to get the whole idea of what this was all about:

This was no easy task.

But amazingly enough....pooof!

A reorganized shelf!

Hole punch? Yup, I know where that is!

Paper Glaze? Yup, I know where that is!

Stamp pad? Yup, I know where that is!

Even Ambrose has a nice reorganized cabinet for his lantern to perch upon!

I think I am even inspired to mess it all up again!


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