Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Big Shop Update!!! and Shopping recap

Lots of new goodies in the shop today!
Check 'em out!

I went to my first Estate Sale last week. I found a bunch of nice little things to bring home~
Pretty blue green clip on earrings.

Perhaps a ceramic pendant? I am sure I will be making this into a necklace soon!
Some sort of metal work...maybe to use in an art piece.

Tiny little wood Christmas ornaments, so charming!

One earring...I know, but it was so cute! Maybe it will bring me good luck!

Sweet blue butterfly pin.

Another glass jar for the craft shelves...they are brimming with supplies!
While John and I were out and about on Saturday we came across this group of antique and "junque" (heehee) shops. I immediately demanded the car be turned around, he is such a sweetie!

My favorite shop in the bunch was called "Paris Street Vintage". So girlie!!! I walked in the door and just stood there, I did not know where to start. They are having an open air market in their parking lot on the 19th....guess where I will be!

I read a book this weekend, it was so nice to just lay around read.
The title of the series is very fitting for this post, seeing as this post is all about shopping.
I read "Shopaholic and Baby". This author has a whole series of books about the shopaholic (Rebecca) and her adventures. Its one of those Brit Chick Lit books, I love those.

I have been thinking about doing a whole set of little mini paintings/mixed media art. I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head...if I can get a grasp on what I want to do I may have some things to share with you soon!

I will check in again soon!


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Romy said...

oooohh, I love the blue/green clip ons! and I can't wait to see the Paris store-too bad I can't be there on the 19th!