Friday, April 11, 2008

A bit of a copy cat~

A few weeks ago I was on Romy's blog and saw the cutest box she had some jewelry in. I ran right out to Michael's to check them out. They weren't on sale.


Never buy anything at Michael's that is not on will be on sale within 3 weeks. I have no actual facts to back this up except my word! Everything I want at Michael's is on sale sooner or later. I LOVE that!

I went back just 2 nights ago and guess what, YES! it was on sale.

I swooped it right up and brought it home. I love it! It is made to hang on the wall but it looks great lying flat on the dresser and I can organize all my personal jewelry. I seem to have to much...I wonder why....

Thanks for the great tip Romy!


There also seems to be a rash of copy catting (is that a word?) going on in the house as well. The mushroom garden upstairs is looking so good that there are now mushrooms "growing" in the backyard as well!

This will not be their final home but for now they seem pretty happy!

This week I am in the midst of an epic art project! I have no idea what I am doing but I am having a ton of fun!

A sneak peek you ask? but of course!

I am as anxious as you to see what will become of this!
have a great weekend everyone!


Romy said...

I can't wait to see the finished art! You are so very welcome!

Joy said...

Hummmm, i am picturing birds and fairies.............ha, ha