Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Busy as a Bee

First of all....

happy birthday yesterday Mom!!
I look forward to our chat later on today.
I finally spent some time making the backyard beautiful this past weekend.
My sad and empty hanging pots are now filled with color and there are pots of flowers and greens in every corner. Even the lights are up!

The mushrooms have a new home in this metal pot.

Gardenias and herbs adorn this table.

This plant is called a Mermaid...can't wait to see what blooms!
I am loving the moss covered pot!

Such a treat to spend the evening outside with the candles lit!

Today I did a bit of thrift shopping. I found some wonderful things!

I am not sure what kind of glasses these are...if you know please leave me a comment.

PS. These glasses are only about 4 and one half inches tall!

More glass jars for my art goodies!

Bird nests, leaves and flowers..oh my!

Clothes pins for a crafty idea I have....

These pretties will be taken apart and used for parts in a jewelry creation for my shop!

I have been looking for a little "tree" type thing to hang seasonal decorations.

This one even came with eggs! There are a few different degins but all are quite cute.

Shop news!
I have been a busy girl for Blossom Shop the last few days as well. I am surprised I had any time after the potting and thrifting!

I will be putting up some beautiful garnet, peridot, amethyst and indicolite (a lovely dark blue color) wire wrapped silver hoops.
I have a few more ideas for new designs as well...just waiting for the parts to arrive!

Back to salt mines for me!

Have a great day!


1 comment:

Romy said...

I think those glasses are champagne flutes? Nice score on the leaves and nests. and the yard looks adorable.