Monday, March 31, 2008

What a weekend! Busy Busy Monday, too

I went to a great discount fabric store with my friend Deb and her daughter Vanessa this weekend here in Phoenix called SAS. Too bad I don't sew, lots of great stuff there. I did find some goodies for crafty projects though.

It was a beautiful day so I guess flowers were on my mind!

Even Vanessa was enjoying herself as her mommy put the car seat in the back. She was practicing her diva skills!

Saturday night John and I ended up at Dave and Buster's with some friends. We had a great time! John is going to kill me for this, but here it is anyway!

Since the video took all day to finally load up I can share all the things I made today!
I have Spring Fever, I really do! And here to help me prove that is:

The King of Spring!!

Yes! Those are toothpick legs! Just cracks me up!

And....Spring is the time to get your garden back in shape.

We've got ourselves a mushroom farmer here.

Ahhh! what a fun day! More to come tomorrow!

Have a great night ~


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Romy said...

ooooh, I love the mushroom garden and the art work is hilarious!