Monday, March 1, 2010

Sick computer....

hi friends~
My main computer is sick ugly virus that is playing havoc with things.
I wanted to blog about the sweet little teaparty I had on Saturday but its not going to happen today.
Hopefully Sweetie can fix it all up when he gets home from work.
I guess I better make him a nice dinner.
I am spending my day organizing all of the wonderful vintage bits I have collected over the last few weeks and cleaning up the Blossom Shop work area.
I have two shows with Jen from Starving Artist Bazaar this coming weekend.
Friday night we will be at Phoestival (formerly known as First Friday) in downtown Phoenix on Friday night.
Saturday morning we will be at the 7th Avenue Street Fair.
If you are in the Phoenix area we would love to see you!
Hopefully I will be up and running on the main computer soon!
Have a great day!