Thursday, February 25, 2010

Estate Sales and Dance Lessons

What a wonderful Thursday it has turned out to be.
I was not feeling so great the beginning of the week but today really turned things around for me.
I woke up and just KNEW I had to get out of the house.
So me and Skippy hopped in the car with the maps to the Scottsdale Estate Sales already loaded up and ready to go...
Off we went.

The first stop was in Paradise Valley. A very nice little section of town. Amazing houses and great pickings for Estate Sales.
This one was all about of course I wanted lots and lots of things in that house, but I was well behaved.
I came out of there with a vintage sparkly brooch

and an adorable mini metal hanger set.

This will be part of the Blossom Shop table display. I can just imagine pairs of earrings hanging from the hangers...too cute!

After the first successful stop we were off to the next. A much more modest neighborhood this time.
But the goodies found were just as lovely!
I left there with a few nice pieces and a display bowl for the Blossom Shop table.

But my biggest surprise was not yet discovered.

On my way out the door I was met by a lovely man who asked if I left him any bargains in the house. I told him I left a few so he better get in there in a hurry.
Much to my surprise this started a sweet conversation on the sidewalk.

My very sweet new friend's name was Ed. And Ed had just started sketching at the age of 74. I can not tell you how long ago that was though.
But before that he was a dancer for 43 years!
A dancer!
Well wouldn't you know it...I was treated to an impromptu dance lesson, right there on the sidewalk!
Ladies and gentlemen, I have been taught the Cha Cha.
Thank you Ed, what a lovely surprise you were on my Thursday.

You never know what surprises an ordinary looking day can bring.