Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Trip to Melrose Vintage

yes, I love that shop.

I met up for lunch with Jen from Starving Artist Bazaar at Fez in downtown Phoenix.
I had the Lamb Kirsa....lettuce, tomato, feta and lamb over some flatbread, deee-lish!
And the sweet potato fries are a must.

Then after lunch we went out for some much needed retail therapy and a good chat.

I quickly suggested Melrose Vintage.
Once we got there Jen quickly agreed that the shop had me written all over it!

We had the most fun in the scrapbook section.
It is amazing how much stuff there is out there.
And of course I managed to find myself a few things to pick up!

Most (but not all of) of it is for a project involving a chip board house.

I don't think I have talked about my growing obsession with tiny houses yet....but trust me, I have one.

I think is project is so cute!
I picked out some papers to cover it with.
So I did some tracing and cutting and gluing...

And the structure is taking on some personality!

I am still gluing the base (the cream and blue flowery patterned one) so that it stands up.
But the house should be ready for decoration later today!

lovin' this project!
I will update as I get more done.

And thanks a ton for all the votes at Cafe Handmade for Blossom Shop.
Lovin' the love!