Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shop Update and more banner making

Hi friends!

I just finished another Blossom Shop update.
New bangles and necklaces this time around.

Lots of great Valentine's Day gifts for yourself and the dear ones in your life.


I am also working on the bunting banner project.
I did one more triangle and its just too cute!
Its me and Sweetie as munchkins!
Buttons and babies :)

It still needs some more work, but how cute are we????

I am also very excited to be taking up knitting again.
My new friend, Holly, over at Silly Little Lady's Spot blog is doing a knitting tutorial on her blog.
With pictures and everything!!!

So as soon as I can I will be digging out those knitting needles I threw in the craft closet about a year ago and I am gonna give this another try!

Wish me luck!