Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shaming myself into action

ok, I am about to embarrass myself to spur me into action.

My work space is a MESS!
More than a mess its a sty, a disaster, a wreck!

I start too many projects at one time.

I am making my paper banners (no, I have not finished them yet...), making jewelry and knitting.
All in one space! And I don't clean up after myself.

The mess has even spilled down onto the floor.
The dog is sleeping surrounded in my mess.

Two weeks ago I cleaned out the bottom drawer of my cabinet to make room for some Blossom Shop displays which displaced some craft things.
That mess is still in boxes in front of the cabinet I removed it from...

Today the madness stops.
Today is the day I finish that banner project and put away the supplies!

I will vacuum the floor and remove the debris!

I will remove the clutter from the floor and put it where it belongs!

For today I am crazy cleaning woman!

Wish me luck!