Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a lovely weekend it was!

I just got back from a wonderful weekend with my mother.
Sweetie and our good friend Jen spent Mother's Day with my dear sweet wonderful mother.
Mine and Sweetie's moms were given special necklaces this year.
We love you moms! hope you enjoy them!

The stones on each necklace are for each of their children and their partners.


My mom also got a special dinner prepared by the "kids" (me, Sweetie and Jen).

We boiled...

and marinated...

and grilled...

and placed.

Everything turned out lovely!

Even the dogs were trying to help!

We ended the meal with a lovely dessert and hugs for mom.

We love you mom! hope you had a great weekend!



Romy said...

That looks like an awesome weekend!

Joy said...

It was a lovely weekend. I felt very loved, appreciated and pampered. Thanks again, Kids. Love, Mom