Saturday, May 23, 2009

And now we're back...

hi all!
Back a few days now from almost sunny Florida. What a great trip!
There were musicals and lizards and rain and sand and sting rays and late night sci-fi movies and sleeping in very late into the day!

Can't ask for much more than that!

Here are some pics of our day on Sanibel Island.

If you are in the Fort Myers area I highly recommend the wildlife perserve beach, absolutely gorgeous and peaceful and lovely and well, just perfect.

Once we got our day started it was in the car and off to the island.
Oh my...rain!

Well, we arent going to let a little rain spoil the to lunch we go.

Hmmm, certainly is coming down...even in the safety of our behind the tarp table we can feel the moisture. But surely this desert dweller is happy for the moisture, no crying here!
Oh look! here are our fried pickles.....all is right with the world. (yes, they are sour and tasty, good eats!)

After lunch things seemed a to clear a bit...hurry! off to the beach before it starts up again!
We park the car and head down this boardwalk path...hmmmm, very mysterious.
Everything is so green and lush and wet and colorful!
Where are we going exactly??
A bridge! A bridge!
This is getting exciting!
Excuse me Mr. Birds...are we going the right way??
Once we came to the other side of the bridge I gasped!
Could this be real??
The sky, the water, the sand...too beautiful to be real.
I could smell the salt and feel the moisture in the air.
The closer we got the more I was sure it was not a mistake.
I had to dip my toes in to be sure!
We had made it! We were here!
The beach was made of shells of all shapes and colors.
The would crunch under your feet, it seemed a shame..but they were everywhere!
Even the sea urchins could not resist a little shell collecting of their own!
And before we left some sting rays swam by to say hello.
So welcoming!
The day was perfect...would you agree?

Since I got back its been work ~ work ~ work for Blossom complaints here!
A few custom orders to fill. Busy hands keep a jewelry maker happy!
Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


Joy said...

I love the tropical trail to the beach. Muy bonito.

Romy said...

Wow! that beach looked awesome!

Anonymous said...

mmm fried pickles...