Tuesday, March 17, 2009

oooh! magazines.....

I just love magazines.
Lots of them.
I only subscribe to a few though.
Otherwise I think I would be totally broke.
But this past weekend I treated myself to a few.
Somerset Magazines are incredible!
I found one call Somerset Apprentice that I had not read before.
They seem to review a lot of simple beginner techniques for different kinds of art.
I love to dabble but I don't always know what I am doing.
And I know there are lots of ways to do things that I have no idea about.
Some might be old pros at all the fancy cool techniques...but not me!
So I figured this is a good refresher and a good way to learn some different ways of creating... you never know what will inspire you!
I also found Belle Amore Jewelry!
Right up my alley (so to speak).
Again, so much inspiration to be found. Very lovely and interesting things.
And then the old stand by, Martha Stewart Living.
Such lovely pictures.
And then...the one I have been waiting for....
Somerset Studio March/April 2009.
I picked it up and flipped quickly through the pages..where is it, where is it???
Just as I was coming to the end of the magazine..there is was...the whole back page in colorful glossy goodness!

But where? where exactly is it??

ah ha! right there, almost right in the middle of the page!
My sweet little Blossom Shop ad in a sea of Lollishop lovelies.