Thursday, March 5, 2009

the best made plans....

I was so excited!
I had the perfect project to work on.
Simple and I already had everything here at the house that I needed to get it done.
I had this cute little footstool that I made into a tuffet many years had very cute yellowish gold Indian inspired fabric on it. I decided it needed an update.

First step in any good furniture update...PAINT!
My color choice du

I even had some left over from a chair project I did last year.
I stripped the little stool of its previous finery and
the painting began, one leg at a time.

Gotta make sure you get all the spots.

I let it dry over night....

Get out the fabric box...

I had leftovers from a different chair project that would be just perfect!

I tried the fabric scrap one way...hmmm, not quite gonna work.

Best to flip it the other way.

NOOOOOO!!!!! that way does not work either.

Well there goes that idea...

I guess there is a trip to the fabric store in my future.

darn :)