Monday, October 20, 2008

The Stars at Night...

are big and bright.
(clap, clap, clap, clap)
Deep in the heart of Texas!

What a fantastic trip!
I just love Austin. Can't wait to spend more time there.
(Hi Marissa! Hi Darrell!)
The Maker Faire/Bazaar Bizarre was so much fun...

I have no idea where to begin.
I guess I start with pictures and let the story just unfold....
ready? here we go-

The vendors!

Of course I was not able to meet everyone but those I did get to were wonderful and so very talented.
Of course there is our friend Jen of Starving Artist Bazaar.

Doesn't she look lovely all ready for a full day of selling?
Now for the new friends!

Kasey (pictured above) and her sister Kelly of Biggs & Featherbelle from Baltimore.
Amazing bath products. BEST lipbalm EVER!!!!!They even had a celebrity purchase during the show! woohoo!Good going ladies!Can't wait to see you at another show!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sweet and crazy Annemarie from Austin and her amazing bags!
Looking forward to seeing you again!

Some lovely little things I picked up from her in a trade.
The very energetic gal and talented artist from Austin, Collin Welsch!

This was one of my favorites! Just made me giggle.
This lucky lady also had a purchase from the celebrity that was spotted at the faire!
The very creative with a Polaroid, Elizabeth Soule from Portland.

I just love finding something from my Etsy Favorites list in person!
Can't wait to get this little man framed and up on the wall.
A perfect vendor apron for me! Did you see that pink ruffle at the bottom?
Well I sure did and scooped this baby right up from Textile Festish!

The cutest journals recycled from old books.
Michelle from Attic Journals in Portland is genius!

I found the most perfect journals for me and Sweetie at her booth.
Thanks Michelle! Can't wait to see you in SF at the end of November!
Michele at Xylocopa in Tucson gifted these beauties to me.
Thanks so much for your kindness Michele!

These beads are made from shell and agate.
Just beautiful! Can't wait to see what I can do with them!

There were plenty other vendors there too, all with wonderful things.
Its so great to see all the talent out there!
I also had the pleasure of meeting Jessica and Joe from Funky Finds.
Got to love people who loves the chihuahua!

Jessica and Joe are dedicated to promoting independent artists, crafters & designers world wide.
Gots to love that too!
I am looking forward to working with them a lot in the future!
Outside of the barn Bizarre Bazaar was in there was a whole world of Making going on.
Arts and crafts and robots and food and movement and all sorts of fun.
Sweetie spent some of his time takin' in all that Makin'.
He came back with a little goodie for me!

This kit is from Pickup Sticks Online.
It looks really cute! I better get out those knitting needles and get a few refresher courses...
I've got some homework to do!
Another neighbor of mine was not a vendor...but he gave away things.
Ping-pong balls.
Was quite musical

It sang a little bit of this:
and a little bit of this:

and some other things that I have already forgotten (thank goodness) :)
All in all it was an amazing 2 day adventure.
I loved meeting all the people that came by the Blossom Shop booth and let me jabber on about the jewelry that I love.
The organizers and volunteers of Bazaar Bizarre were fantastic! Can't wait until San Francisco!
The vendors were all so wonderful!

But at the end of the weekend we all felt a little bit like sweet Guapo here:

If you are interested in Guapo's personal political choice you might want to click the link below!

Oh! almost forgot our mystery celebrity!
Bill Murray spent some time at the Faire on Sunday.
Was fun for everyone to get to say hello and spy on his purchases!
Thanks Bill!

a mega post!
hope you made it through ok.
i have a million new ideas running through my brain.
i will be trying to set some of them in motion this week.
But for now, I am still exhuasted.

see you all soon!


Funky Finds said...

It was so great meeting you at the Bazaar! I can't believe Bill Murray was there...crazy! :) Jessica

Romy said...

oooh, looks like you had fun! Can't wait to see yo at SF!

Anonymous said...

great recap! was too fun!

(sorry i rick rolled you)

Kellie H said...

wow what great finds! I have never been to hub was born there, but raised in GA.