Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blossom Shop Jewelry Show

This past Saturday I invited some ladies to the house for a Blossom Shop Jewelry Show.
It was so much fun!
There were tea sandwiches and lemon bars and iced tea...and of course lots of Blossom Shop goodies to be had!
Let's just say that there are quite a few people out there that will be receiving Blossom Shop goodies for Christmas. Lucky them!
in all of the excitement I forgot to take pictures of the festivities.
You'll just have to trust me...it was pretty and lovely and oh so much fun.
If you could not be there, do not fret! There will be more parties in the future.
Thank you so much to those that were able to attend!
I have been busy today making new creations for the Etsy shop.
They are up there now if you should desire to take a peek!
see you soon!