Thursday, January 19, 2012

When you have your birthday right around Christmas....

It's not a problem I face, my Birthday is in May.
But two of my sweetest girlfriends have their birthdays in December.
One of them is 2 days before Christmas!!!
I hear the same cries for understanding from both of them....People combine their Birthday and Christmas gifts into one.
I agree wholeheartedly!

Because of craziness in the month of December we patiently (or not so) waited until January for the celebrations.
Which technically were combined because they happened on the same day, but it was a definite separation of Birthday and Christmas!

First of all, grab a drink, you are gonna need it! These girls are a riot!!

And look at this pile, we are gonna be here a while!

We all enjoyed opening our gifts.

The mix of funny and sweet, handmade and store was all perfect!

Best Christmas fun ever!!


Whew! that was exhausting!
But now its time to celebrate the Birthdays of two of our sweet friends!

The table was set.

The cake was made.

The presents were wrapped.

Everything was beautiful for the girls!

Can we just talk about that cake for a minute??

I am obsessed!
I love love love this cake!

Yes, I made it and I will toot my own horn, it is spectacular!
Not in the Ultimate Cake Wars spectacular kind of way...
not even in the AJ's Moonlight Bakery kind of way (shout out to Jeanne Diaz in San Jose, CA!!check out the cakes people!)
But I am darn proud of the cuteness of this cake!

Ah, Birthdays, I love them.
If its your Birthday, Happy Birthday to ya!

And never, I mean never, combine a Birthday and Christmas gift into one.