Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee....

Brilliant, I mean just really brilliant.
Thank you Mr. Computer Man (Ben, I think his name is) for
inventing a wonderfully fun and addictive yet helpful website!

Have you been on Pinterest?
If not, you MUST check it out, after you finish reading this post of course!
If you have been on it you are probably still there and therefore not reading this post.
You'll have to come up for air at some point, we'll be waiting for you.

I have been finding recipes that look delicious.
Have even cooked some and why yes, they are delicious!

I have found craft ideas.
Have even made some!

I have found home decorating ideas and outfit ideas and pictures that make me laugh and all sorts of wonderful things.
I even have the PIN IT button on my computer tool bar so that I can pin things that I find and want to remember or share.


Click it, sign up and prepare to get sucked into an amazing visual world.

Find me!
I am Karin Wiseman.
See if you like my style and then follow me if you'd like.
I love finding new people to follow.
To see what amuses them, inspires them.

Have fun pinning!!!