Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February Already!

ice storm....
and now tomorrow,
more snow!

I am enjoying the crazy mix of weather we are having in Dallas so far this week.
Nothing sticks around long enough, so I can't get bored of it.
And I am prepared too!

~For the rain and snow and ice~
~and yes, I am a little premature with these next ones, but I know the warmer temps are coming!~

They were just too cute to pass up!

Valentine's Day is approaching and I love any excuse to craft and decorate.

Our simple dining table. I just think its sweet.

And what a nice message.
So much love to go around!

I have been busy the last two days making Pom poms...I even had to run out for an emergency tissue paper run!

These will be hung and layered later today...
so there will be pictures later this week!

I also am working of another project...
ok, so I have not actually started it yet, but I did go out and get the supplies for it.
You'll just have to wait for that one.


I am on a letter writing campaign.
I was cleaning out some boxes and found I had a pretty lavender box filled with all kinds of cute stationary.
So I called out to my Facebook friends, most I only connect with digitally, and asked who wanted a good old fashioned letter.
What a great response I am getting!
I am excited to spend some time this afternoon, pen and tea cup in hand, and write some letters to friends old and new.

Everyone enjoy your day and I will chat with you soon!