Thursday, August 27, 2009

Austin, I love thee!

What an amazing vacation for me and Sweetie!
Spending time with family and friends, eating amazing food, lots of shopping and seeing wonderful sites.
Here's a little taste of our trip to Austin, Enjoy!
Oak trees lovely and so much personality.

Sweetie enjoying a cigar on the porch at sunset.

We took a one day family trip to Rockport, Texas on the Gulf Coast.

We played in the sand and the surf.

We fished off a long pier.

We saw some amazing homes.

The sky was amazing as the clouds rolled in.

What a relaxing way to spend a Sunday and Monday. I miss it already!

Back in Austin there were sites to see and shopping to do!

The first stop, Bead It! of course.

(thank you Tiffany!)

I was in heaven...pure heaven.

There were rows and rows of buttons..

Tables full of vintage lucite and plastic goodies!

Shelves full of charms...

Walls covered in stones.

I came home with lots but left some for others!


Then if was off to the South Congress area of town.

Very fun shops and restaurants in this area.

One of my favorites was Big Top Candy Shop at 1706 S. Congress Avenue.

No website but you should visit if you are in the area and you have a sweet tooth!

Much fun was had by all here!

Other stores that I love in this area are:

Parts and Labour

Uncommon Objects

Amy's Icecream

Feather's Boutique

Home Slice Pizza

Monkey See, Monkey Do


And I am sure I have not even see all great things to see in this area.

Can't wait to go back for more!


No retelling of a trip to Austin would be complete without a picture of the Capital Building!



We took a ghost tour of the Capital District as well.


This is the Driscoll Hotel, the last stop on the tour.

We did not see anything of note on the tour but at one point the batteries in my camera drained and then came back...hmmmm.

Our tour guide Maverick was a great story teller and we all had a wonderful time seeing the haunted spots in Austin.


But alas it was time to hit the road again and head back to Phoenix.

(we took a plane but I did not have any pictures of that)