Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Altered Animal Friends

Whew! the excitement of the Mad Tea Party is subsiding and we are all basking in the afterglow of too much tea, too many goodies and lots of wonderful giveaways.
I got lots of nice comments about my party guests (Miss Ellie, Miss Geri and the twin ponies).
I wanted to share where that inspiration came from.
Lisa Kettell and her Altered Art Circus book!
This book is so wonderfully fun and creative and inspirational.
The circus animals are only the first of the projects I will be doing out of this book.
Books like this are so wonderful because there are no can read the words and look at the pictures and if you desire you can embark on your own journey.
Your imagination takes over and the words and pictures that were in the book are transformed into your own special project.
There is no wrong.
Here is my journey...

I found my friends at dollar stores, toy stores, thrift shops.
Mine came in the form of more circus type animals but I saw bugs and marine life...the possibilities were endless!
They needed a base of paint...I went with whatever felt right at the time.
And from there it was all about fancy.
I went through my jars of paints and glitter and trim and tissue paper and beads and

Miss Geri got a lovely beaded necklace...with that neck how could you not adorn it??

Lipstick, blush and eyeshadow complimented her bone structure.
She is after all a proper lady.

Miss Ellie called for a striking headpiece and a light shawl.
Isn't her pedicure lovely?
It matches her eyeshadow.

This twin went bold with red and gold.

German glitter on the legs and the mane and tail highlighted.

This twin went more subtle with silver, purple and white.

I had a wonderful time decorating these lovelies and am looking forward to my next project from the Lisa Kettell book!