Thursday, April 23, 2009

oh me oh my...

where does the time go??

I have FINALLY uploaded the California pictures to my computer. Don't get too excited...I never actually took pictures of people..only out the hotel window for some reason.

I guess that was the only down time I had where I actually remember I had a camera and that I should be taking pictures. I will get the hang of it someday!
So really the only pics I have of the trip is a comparison of a windy day versus a non windy day...yeah, I know...thrilling.

BUT! I also found some great finds at CA and AZ thrift stores, estate sales and garage sales in the last week. So if you stay until the end of the post you will be rewarded with more interesting pictures. :) bribery, I know. But you love me anyway.

:The Trip:

There are many words to describe the San Francisco Bay Area but the one we will use for these pictures is WINDY! And oh boy was it!
This is a picture of the bay..not the ocean. There should not be that many waves on the bay.

Here is the same view a day later.
That! is what the Bay should look like.

It was so nice to see water and green again. Boy did I miss the feel of the area.
Sweetie and I got to spend time with friends and family while we were there too...not just look out the window...

you made it! yes, that is all I have from California. It was a wonderful trip. :)
I did a bit of thrifting in CA and then again when I got home.

New sparkles for Blossom Shop goodies!

Above is a new addition to the dress form collection.

Now for the favorite of all my finds.....

I don't have the key for it, hopefully I can find one on one of my thrifting adventures. But if you move the spring that the lady swings from the little blue birdie will move too.

I am just in love :)

Blossom Shop has had a few mini updates.

Its not too late to get those orders in for Mother's Day!

I'll try to be gone so long again.


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