Monday, November 24, 2008

Where ya been?

Packing and unpacking and loading and unloading and up the stairs and down the stairs!
whew! moving is ridiculous.
The fun part is the decorating and the organizing.
Lots more to do and Thanksgiving to host in the middle of all of this!
hahahahaa, boy am I crazy :)
So I think its going to be quiet around here and another week.
But in the mean time.....
Blossom Shop will be at
Bazaar Bizarre SAN FRANCISCO! on Sunday, November 30th.
Please please please come and see me!
Lots of great Christmas shopping to be had.
Check out the list of vendors here!
Where's it going to be held you ask?
Well its right here!
But as always Blossom Shop is available on Etsy too.
Or I am just an email away if you need something special made!
Get any orders in quick so I can get it made before the holidays!
I am hoping and wishing that I am able to get a few new things put up on Etsy in early December.
AND! there will be new pieces at MADE in downtown Phoenix very soon!
I look forward to taking a TON of pictures and having a really great post all about it when I get back.
And pictures of Thanksgiving and the new! so much going on. FUN!
Have a fun Thanksgiving and I will be back in December.

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